1. Your Divorce Lawyer in Fort Collins and Surviving the Holidays

    Nothing kills holiday cheer faster than a fresh divorce. At this time of year, when friends and family gather together to celebrate, the holiday season can be painful if you have recently gone through a divorce. Recovering from any type of loss or heartache is hard over the holiday season. You may have been coping rather well after your divorce, but the decorations, lights and holiday songs make t…Read More

  2. Your Divorce Lawyer in Loveland and Divorce Facts

    When it comes to divorce, many people think they already have it all figured out. Since about half of all marriages end in divorce, everyone has either been divorced or knows somebody who has been divorced. But this doesn’t make them experts on the subject, not even close. There is much to be learned about divorce. Marrying your partner can be rewarding, beautiful and life-changing. Divorcing yo…Read More

  3. Your Family Law Office in Loveland and Toxic Relationships

    A toxic relationship is a relationship that is emotionally, mentally and spiritually damaging. If you suspect you are in a toxic relationship, it might be time to move on, even if this means filing for divorce. No relationship is perfect. But for the most part, a good relationship makes you feel happy, secure, respected, cared for and free to be yourself. If you are feeling depleted, drained and d…Read More

  4. Your Family Law Attorney in Loveland and Co-Parenting Tips

    Co-parenting amicably after a divorce is rarely easy, but it is important because it will give your children the stability, security and a close relationship with both parents they need. That’s right, co-parenting after a divorce is not about you or your ex, it’s all about the children. The co-parenting struggle is a real issue. According to studies, by the age of 9, more than one in five chil…Read More

  5. Your Divorce Attorney in Fort Collins and Coping with Divorce

    Even if ending your marriage is the right thing to do, divorce is never easy for anyone. Saying goodbye and admitting defeat takes a lot of of you and puts you in a rough place. When your divorce is final, you will feel many things including sadness, anger, relief, happiness and confusion. In fact, you may have been having these feelings for quite some time. You find yourself in survival mode and …Read More

  6. Your Divorce Lawyers in Loveland and Signs You Might Need a Divorce

    Getting a divorce is a very difficult decision to make, but there are times when it is the only healthy option. If you think it is time to get divorced and move along with your life, there are signs you should look for to determine if that is the right choice. Studies show that couples wait for an average of six years of being unhappy before they decide to get help or to get a divorce. This means …Read More

  7. medical bankruptcy law office of loomis & greene estes park

    Should You File Bankruptcy for your Medical Bills?

    While you were growing up, you probably had some sort of idea of what you wanted to be, perhaps a lawyer, a teacher, or a business owner. You went through life, preparing for that path, from graduating high school and from there moving on to college. Once you graduated college, you entered the workforce, where you took a career path that you thought was the right one for you. However, perhaps — …Read More

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    The Role of a Bankruptcy Trustee

    Likely, you were driven to speak to a top-notch bankruptcy lawyer, such as The Law Offices of Loomis & Greene near Wellington, because you are feeling overwhelmed with debt. Your expert bankruptcy lawyer has guided you through filing bankruptcy and finally relief is in sight, especially since the automatic stay (where all creditors are told to cease trying to collect on their debts) has been i…Read More

  9. tips to avoid bankruptcy during divorce law office of loomis & greene evans

    Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy During a Divorce

    When looking at the most common reasons for a bankruptcy, the list is relatively short: medical expenses, loss of job, overspending, foreclosure, unexpected emergencies, and divorce. Bankruptcy is common with divorce because oftentimes one spouse makes significantly more than the other, so when a divorce occurs, the income level drops significantly. Furthermore, depending on the length of the divo…Read More

  10. social stigma bankruptcy law offics loomis & greene windsor

    Tips to Overcome the Stigma of “Declaring Bankruptcy”

    We’ve been taking a hard look at the history of bankruptcy here on our blog page at The Law Offices of Loomis & Greene near Windsor. We’ve learned that since the beginning of debt, the inability to pay down your debt has been frowned upon by society, so much so that people have been executed throughout recorded history for doing so. Thankfully, attitudes have shifted since virtually all of…Read More