1. bankruptcy trustee law offices of loomis & greene wellington

    The Role of a Bankruptcy Trustee

    Likely, you were driven to speak to a top-notch bankruptcy lawyer, such as The Law Offices of Loomis & Greene near Wellington, because you are feeling overwhelmed with debt. Your expert bankruptcy lawyer has guided you through filing bankruptcy and finally relief is in sight, especially since the automatic stay (where all creditors are told to cease trying to collect on their debts) has been i…Read More

  2. tips to avoid bankruptcy during divorce law office of loomis & greene evans

    Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy During a Divorce

    When looking at the most common reasons for a bankruptcy, the list is relatively short: medical expenses, loss of job, overspending, foreclosure, unexpected emergencies, and divorce. Bankruptcy is common with divorce because oftentimes one spouse makes significantly more than the other, so when a divorce occurs, the income level drops significantly. Furthermore, depending on the length of the divo…Read More

  3. social stigma bankruptcy law offics loomis & greene windsor

    Tips to Overcome the Stigma of “Declaring Bankruptcy”

    We’ve been taking a hard look at the history of bankruptcy here on our blog page at The Law Offices of Loomis & Greene near Windsor. We’ve learned that since the beginning of debt, the inability to pay down your debt has been frowned upon by society, so much so that people have been executed throughout recorded history for doing so. Thankfully, attitudes have shifted since virtually all of…Read More

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    History of Bankruptcy in the United States

    Bankruptcy helps people who need a fresh start in life. When you are overwhelmed with medical bills, your business is floundering, you’ve recently suffered a job loss, or you are dealing with a host of other reasons, The Law Offices of Loomis & Greene near Berthoud can help. We offer comprehensive bankruptcy services to help you every step of the way. We understand how difficult declaring ba…Read More

  5. history of bankruptcy law office of loomis & greene loveland

    History of Bankruptcy

    Ever since there has been debt, there have been people who can’t pay their debt and need some kind of solution. In the past, the solutions were grim to put it lightly. From jail to death to giving up a member of your family, settling debts in the past was not exactly something you wanted to have to deal with. Thankfully, you now can count on top-notch bankruptcy lawyers such as The Law Offices o…Read More

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    How to Handle Creditors During a Bankruptcy

    By the time you are at the point of bankruptcy, you have probably been struggling a while with debt and money problems. After all, filing bankruptcy is usually your last resort after you’ve done everything you can to try to negotiate with your creditors. The process, up to this point, can be overwhelming. By filing bankruptcy, you are giving yourself a reprieve from the financial struggles you…Read More

  7. bankruptcy attorney loveland law offices of loomis & greene

    The Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy Explained

    For most people, filing for bankruptcy is a last resort to solve their financial problems. However, even after filing for bankruptcy, your financial woes do not disappear immediately. In fact, you may still be getting calls from debt collectors and even harassed although it is illegal to do so after you file for bankruptcy. The Law Offices of Loomis & Greene in Loveland will help you when you …Read More

  8. Your Law Firm in Loveland and the Benefits of a Prenup

    So, you are entering into that legally recognized lifetime union; otherwise known as marriage. We suspect you are bound to be swayed by those rose-colored glasses you will put on right before you utter “I do.” A prenuptial agreement is the last thing you are thinking about as you sail into the waters of life. When embarking on a partnership that is supposed to last a lifetime, you aren’t thi…Read More

  9. Your Family Law Office in Loveland and Benefits of a Divorce

    We are not here to tell you any fairy tales. Divorce is never fun and it will stress you out and you will feel at the end of your rope a few times. You struggled to make it work, perhaps for years. You lived through lies, deceptions and made excuses for your situation. You brushed off concerns your friends may have had and ignored what needed to be done for a very long time. And while you wished f…Read More

  10. Your Divorce Lawyer in Loveland and Co-Parenting Tips

    Co-parenting is when both parents maintain an active and healthy role in the lives of their children. And the best way to ensure that your kids’ needs are met is to allow them to have a close relationship with both mom and dad. There is plenty of research that shows that the quality of the relationship between co-parents has a strong influence on the emotional and mental well-being of the childr…Read More