6. What additional costs do you expect will be involved and how will you charge me for them?
Many times lawyers will hire outside help to assist in building your case. This could be someone like a private investigator, a forensic accountant, physician or psychologist. If so, you need to know how and how much you will be charged.
7. What would you estimate will be the total cost of my divorce?
Most lawyers will not answer this question as the cost of a divorce will depend entirely on how much conflict is in your case. However, how an attorney answers this question can help you determine what kind of legal help you have sought. An honest attorney will answer by saying something to the effect of the price being hard to estimate in advance.
8. Will you allow me to negotiate with my spouse directly?
Every attorney is different. Some allow for spouses to negotiate on their own time and in their own terms whereas some do not. This is important to know so that you can have the exact kind of communication with your spouse as you desire.
9. With the information you have regarding my divorce, how do you believe a judge will rule on it?
It’s so important to never be blindsided during the divorce process. Ask your attorney to tell you truthfully what they foresee the end of this case being. This way you can not only be prepared for what is to come but also, you can find a new attorney should the answer be one that you are not satisfied with.
10.Can you help me to understand the tax effect of the decisions I will have to make?
Divorce is going to change more than just your living situation and your marital status. Find out how your taxes will be affected by your decisions before your divorce is finalized.