Once you have decided to declare bankruptcy and have hired a bankruptcy lawyer, you may want to make sure you are doing everything you can to make sure the process goes smoothly. While you may think the most important aspect of this is bringing in the right paperwork, etc, the truth is, you need to be maintaining a positive relationship with your lawyer. After all, they are there to be a guide and help you through this difficult time. However, any of the following actions or behaviors are likely to make your lawyer question whether or not they should be helping you as much as they are. Avoid the following in order to ensure you are making your professional relationship with your lawyer tolerable.dreamstime_xxl_30996559

  1. Plain and simple: you are lazy
    When your bankruptcy lawyer asked you for documents like bank statements or tax returns, get them into the hands of your attorney as quickly as possible. Taking your time or simply just not providing materials like the ones previously mentioned, will drive your lawyer absolutely insane.
  2. You are impossible to get ahold of
    You may be hearing from your lawyer pretty frequently to begin with as they need answers to many questions that come up throughout the bankruptcy process. If you are not answering or returning calls, this makes their job next to impossible and will cause your representation to lose patience with you very quickly.
  3. You don’t tell the whole truth or blatantly lie
    Being honest with your lawyer is imperative if you don’t want your bankruptcy case lasting forever. Just because something makes you sound bad, doesn’t mean it’s something that your lawyer doesn’t need to know. Be honest always!

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