We know that filing for bankruptcy was not easy for you or your family. Now that you have resolved your financial issues, however, you and family should talking openly about budgeting and how you are going to avoid financial troubles in the future. Below are just a few ways to ensure this remains the case:

  1. Talk About It

    A lot of the time, finances are a sensitive topic. However, in order to remain on a budget and not make the same mistakes monetarily again, making your bankruptcy a topic of discussion in your home with your family can be a very helpful tactic.

  2. Don’t Rule out Little Luxuries

    When you make your budget, include little things that you enjoy doing. Life can be boring when you don’t treat yourself at all and it’s important not to punish yourself every time you purchase something that isn’t necessity. Just spend carefully.

  3. Be Specific

    This one is simple. Write out exactly how much you be spending on EVERYTHING you need and be precise. Just guessing how much things will cost is likely to get you in trouble in the long run.

  4. Share The Budget Constantly

    Make your budget visible in your home. Put it on the refrigerator door or in the utility room. Allowing everyone in your family to see what money is being spent on will keep you all focused on the task at hand.

  5. Don’t Be A Stickler

    Take your family members’ opinions into account. You are all going through this and therefore you should all have your voices be heard.