Claiming bankruptcy can cause a major upheaval of your life. However, once the process is complete and the dust has settled, you have to begin to figure out how to piece your world back together. This is especially true where you financial matters are concerned. It is easier than you would think to fall back into bad habits that landed you in bankruptcy in the first place. Follow the tips below to ensure that you can maintain financial stability for the rest of your life.dreamstime_xxl_35931205

  1. Figure out what you can afford
    Admitting to yourself what your actual financial situation is takes some real honesty. You will find, however, that once you do, you will be much more comfortable and less stressed as you will finally be living within your means. Sure, this may mean cutting back on frivolous spending, but with that comes savings and saving are far better than debt.
  2. Pay in cash as often as possible
    You cannot possibly rack up massive credit card debt if you are always paying cash. You can also keep much better track of how much money you actually have to spend if you can physically have it, rather than subtracting and adding sums to your online bank account.
  3. Make sure to always pay your bills on time.
    Paying bills on time may not have been possible or at least in your top priorities before you filed for bankruptcy. Now, however, you know the importance of making payments on time, so do so.

The Law Offices of Loomis and Greene handle bankruptcy cases all the time and we know the bad habits that land people in our office seeking counsel. Get back on your feet, we know you can!