Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s may seem like the tedious part of a divorce but it is in no way the hard part. At the Law Offices of Loomis & Greene we can help you with the paperwork and the negotiating but there is a long bumpy road ahead once the divorce agreements have been made and the papers have been signed. At our law offices, we care about what happens to our clients, and although we have complete faith that you are going to get through this difficult time, some tips to make the transition from married life to what comes afterwards may help in the meantime.

1. Take Care of Yourself Emotionally & Physically
As hard as it is, you have to continue to treat your body well throughout this difficult time. This means eating healthy meals and exercising regularly, as well as not abusing substances like alcohol despite their            appeal.  You may want to join a support group to take care of your emotional needs. Isolating yourself during this time is the worst possible way to handle splitting from a significant other.

  1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up
    It’s okay to be affected by what you are going through and you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself just because you are experiencing emotions during this trying time. If you aren’t keeping up with your regular work load or if you find yourself being forgetful about plans, give yourself a break and some time to readjust.
  2. Have a Support System
    Take advantage of your family and friends. They love you. They are there for you. There is no reason to feel as though you are going through this alone.

Check out our next blog post for the continuation of this list!