A divorce is a difficult experience to go through. Trying to navigate the many reasons you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are no longer able to be married is painful and confusing and often, something it takes people years to overcome. You may have tried to talk to family members and close friends about what you are going through but with little resolve as these people are very likely to have a subjective point of view in which they believe you to be without fault in the situation. Your best bet is to hire a therapist and begin seeing him/her regularly.
There are many things a therapist can help you work through. Below you can discover just a few.dreamstime_xxl_34593092

  1. Save on Legal Costs
    You may have found that you feel the need to unload all of your feelings on your divorce lawyer when you meet with him/her. Although this may seem like a good person to tell your feelings to(and believe us, we do not mind listening), hiring a therapist will be much more cost efficient for you as they tend to have lower rates than lawyers.
  2. Get Support Balancing Life & Your Divorce
    When people go through divorces they often find that they struggle to complete regular day-to-day tasks like they used to. Following through with family obligations or even making time for the kids is often a struggle as they are constantly thinking of the divorce. A therapist can help to coach you on how to reflect on the changes that are occurring all while remaining the same reliable person you have always been.
  3. Help You Overcome the “What went wrong?” Question
    Sorting through all of your emotions and answering the main question of what caused your marriage to end is one of the most difficult parts of the entire divorce process. A therapist can help you to gain closure by obtaining tangible answers to your most unanswerable questions.

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