When you have made the tough choice to get a divorce, this decision is also made more difficult if you and your spouse have children together. Every court, no matter what state it is located in, decides which parent will be awarded custody of a child or children based on the best interests of the child/children at hand. So how do you know if you are the parent who will do this? Well that depends on many different things. Let’s discuss them below…dreamstime_8303563

  1. A judge wants a parent who will not change their child’s life too much.

    If a judge has the option between a parent who is going to uproot a child’s life and basically change everything about it and a parent who intends to keep a child’s life relatively the same, the latter is likely to prevail with custody.

  2. A judge wants a parent who considers their child above all else.

    If one parent is extremely preoccupied with their job or seems generally disinterested in their child, a judge is not likely to award custody to them. The court wants to make sure the children end up in the care of someone who considers them above all else.

  3. A judge wants a parent the child wants to stay with.

    If a child is old enough to speak for them self at the time of a divorce, the judge will highly consider which parent the child gets along with better or even claims to want to live with. It’s very hard to argue with a child who is already in such a tough situation, and therefore their preference is highly considered.