In family law, custody can mean decision-making regarding major decisions involving the children or physical custody, meaning where the child resides most of their time. In joint custody arrangements, both parents must be capable of effective communication and cooperation in order for everything to work out as smoothly as possible.

At first, joint custody might be difficult, especially if the parents are harboring bad feelings about each other. But over time, joint custody is very advantageous to all parties involved. The Law Office of Loomis and Greene, your divorce attorney in Fort Collins, offers the benefits of joint custody.

Fewer Conflicts

Parents who have to rely on good communication have fewer conflicts related to their kids and ex-spouses. Since both mom and dad have to talk when discussing issues with the kids, they get used to and better at communicating with each other.

In time, these communication skills get so good that problems that do arise are often easily resolved.

Forces Parents Into a Routine

You need to work with your ex to come up with a schedule that works for all parties involved. There are several different ways that time with the children can be divided. You will experiment with a few and then choose the one that works best.

Once this happens, both parents and the children get into a routine, a routine that soon becomes predictable and comfortable.

Easier to Get Things Done

This is just a perk of having joint custody. If dad always takes the kids on Wednesdays, this frees that day up for mom, which she can use to get a lot of things done.

Mom doesn’t have to worry about somebody watching the kids so she can have her nails done, go shopping for shoes or even go on a date.

Cost Sharing

When you have kids, needs pop up organically. There is always a kid who needs something for an art project at school, new underwear or snacks for soccer practice. If dad has the kids for their next soccer game, mom can assume that he will cover the cost of juice boxes and orange slices for the team.

Dad feels good about the situation because he gets to do more than just cut mom a check for things the kids need, he has to be involved.

No Loyalty, No Conflict

When children live in both households, they are free to love each parent without conflict of having to be loyal to one or the other. They have access to both parents without fear of losing them.

Less Stress

Studies show that children who experience shared parenting are less stressed than children in sole custody situations. In fact, studies show that parents in shared custody situation experience less stress than parents who have sole custody.

If you feel as though your current child custody situation isn’t sufficient and does not promote your role in your child’s life and you would like that to change, contact your family lawyer at the Law Offices of Loomis and Greene.