Even if ending your marriage is the right thing to do, divorce is never easy for anyone. Saying goodbye and admitting defeat takes a lot of of you and puts you in a rough place.

When your divorce is final, you will feel many things including sadness, anger, relief, happiness and confusion. In fact, you may have been having these feelings for quite some time. You find yourself in survival mode and you are doing your best to make it through each day.

So your marriage is ending. Regardless of how long it lasted, it is still a difficult time. It is all too easy to lose perspective while facing a seemingly uphill battle. What you need right now is some solid advice. The Law Offices of Loomis and Greene, your divorce attorney in Fort Collins, offers tips for surviving a divorce.

Seek a Professional

Even if you feel fine most days, some days are still difficult to get through. Go and see a therapist or counselor to talk about what you are going through. This will help you feel validated and you will garner the tools it takes to handle your situation a little better.

A good counselor will help you see that your life after a divorce can be bright and full of hope and happiness.

Do Something You Love

You might be feeling down, but you must be open to new possibilities. Try something you have always wanted to do. Whether you desire to jump from a bridge with a bungee cord or see an opera, now is the time to embark on something new and exciting.

This will enable you to have an exciting adventure and you will learn a lot about yourself as well.


It might be difficult to forgive yourself in the event of a divorce, it might be much more difficult to forgive your ex.

Now, it takes two to tango, so both you and your ex should be sharing the blame. Whether it is sooner or later, you must forgive your ex. If you don’t, moving forward is all the more difficult. Forgiving your ex does not mean you trust them again, it is just a little gift to yourself knowing that your ex will never rule your life anymore.

Surround Yourself With Friends and Family

When going through a divorce, it is important that you feel a connection with people as you have just lost one of your biggest connections. So surround yourself with those you love the most and who love you.

Allow these friends and family members to keep you afloat with their love and positive energy. It will make you feel like you are actually thriving.

Find a Hobby

When life throws a lot of negatives at you all at once, it is important that you arm yourself with as many positives as possible. One of the best things you can do is take on a new hobby or two.

The options are limitless. You can learn a new language, learn to play an instrument or even rebuild a classic Chevy. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you have fun doing it and it keeps you distracted from the negative vibes in your life.

Break a Sweat

Exercise is just as healthy for the mind as it is for the body. Exercise releases serotonin, which helps fight depression. So go to the gym, ride that bike or join a yoga class and you will soon feel better about yourself. You will also look better.

If you are going through a divorce, it is important that you at least talk to an attorney. Give Loomis and Greene and call today.