So you tried. You decided to jump in head first and get married and after a period of time it became obvious that this may not have been the best decision for you personally. So now, after a long and grueling process, your divorce is complete. Often, people whose marriages end feel ashamed, as if they have failed themselves, their partner and everyone else who was even witness to or in support of their nuptials. However, it is important to note just how common divorce is in our society today and more importantly that it is never something to be ashamed of. You gave everything you could, it still didn’t work out. What more can be said?

A lot actually. Divorce should not be viewed as an ending. Perhaps this is difficult because yes, the marriage ideally would have lasted forever. Instead of punishing yourself however for not being able to stay in the marriage, instead of viewing it as something horrible that is happening to you, the best way to handle this situation is to see it as a new beginning. And it is!

Now you have time to do all the things you had to get rid of when you made time for your ex-partner. Now you can do things with only yourself in mind. Now you are free to begin again, to be happy again, to be whole again. Granted, it will not happen overnight. There will be a lot of days that are hard. Soon though, those days will become fewer and further between and you won’t wake up feeling down, you will be excited to start being yourself again.

Don’t fret and remember, sometimes things don’t work out the way you think they will but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying.