Everyone knows that the entire process of getting a divorce is a long and complicated. On top of the emotional turmoil you are dealing with, you must also navigate the legal system and all the unfamiliar jargon that is being thrown at you by lawyers. If you are currently planning on or going through a divorce, there are a few acronyms you should know. Below you can find just a few acronyms that may be used during your case or you may just general hear when you are in your attorney’s office:

  1. FRC: Family Resolution Conferencedreamstime_xxl_8091494

    A FRC involves you or your lawyer appearing in court to give an update at the the progress of your case. They are also used to schedule any pre-trial or trial hearings.

  2. DVTRO: Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order

    This type of court order is typically given to men and women who have been exposed to domestic abuse by the partner they are currently divorcing. This is the first step to getting a permanent restraining order.

  3. MCS: Mandatory Settlement Conference

    A MCS requires that a judge or a volunteer attorney assists the parties in trying to settle their case but without making any decisions in the actual case. MSC are most often held close to the date of the trial as a last effort to settle.

  4. MSA: Marriage Settlement Agreement

    When the divorce proceeding is over and all the issues have all been resolved in Court, one of the parties will draft a MSA that outlines what agreements were made regarding each issue of the case. The MSA is then included in the Judgement packet that is filed with the Court.