When a couple says “I do,” the last thing on their minds is getting a divorce. We are sure that most of you envision a long-lasting marriage and a happy future together. But as we all know, this isn’t always how the story of a relationship ends. The sad truth of the matter is that many marriages end in divorce. And what makes this even worse is that often, kids are involved as well as debt, property and joint assets.

And while it might feel like you can wade your way through a divorce, it certainly isn’t recommended going at it all by yourself. Your best bet is to call a divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Loomis and Greene. And although there is no crystal ball or other means to foresee the end of a marriage, there are some common signs that may indicate an impending breakup.

Different Future Goals

If you expect your marriage to last, it is important that both parties share common future goals. If you dream of a future with kids, grandkids and all of the fun you will have and your spouse doesn’t want kids, that is a huge red flag that could lead to disaster.

Attacking The Person, Not The Behavior

Sometimes, you need to be direct and complain to your partner about their behavior. This happens in a healthy relationship. When you start attacking the person instead of the behavior, that is a sign that the relationship has gone south. It is important that you make a specific complaint about a behavior as opposed to the personality of your partner.

Feelings Of Contempt

If you find yourself attacking your partner with the intention of insulting them, it is a sign that you could be headed for a divorce. If you wish to save your marriage, you can start by eliminating such rude behavior and build your relationship on kindness, tolerance, respect and appreciation.

No Conflict Resolution

Experts warn that it is not necessarily a lack of communication that sinks a marriage, but rather a lack of effective conflict resolution. Couples who have not figured out a way to resolve differences without hurting the relationship are doomed to end up avoiding conflict completely.

Since conflicts are never resolved, they build up and result in loss of respect, increasing distance and gradual withdrawal.

Emotional Disengagement

A willingness to discuss your feelings with your partner is a huge part of a healthy relationship. When you don’t like sharing your feelings or having your spouse share their feelings with you, then you are likely in a marriage on the rocks.

Planning For Single Life

You might be planning on being single again without even knowing it. You could be stashing extra money away or suddenly concerned about your weight and doing more exercising and actually thinking about trying a new hairstyle. If you are doing these types of things, it might be because you are subconsciously preparing for a divorce and the reality of being single again.

If you are ready for a divorce, one of the steps you need to take is contacting a divorce attorney and the Law Offices of Loomis and Greene.