dreamstime_l_23738215Couples often decide that they would like to try out a legal separation before they commit to getting a divorce. When this happens, it is not guaranteed that both people in the couple will be able to remain financially stable having to support themselves. This is especially true when it comes to living arrangements. Often it is impossible for one of the parties to move out of the home and so what you end up with is two people who aren’t together in a romantic capacity anymore, but are still living under the same roof. This can be fairly uncomfortable and relatively hard to navigate. Below are just a few tips for handling sharing a living space during a legal separation:

  1. Dating Isn’t The Best Idea

    If you are separating because you already have someone new in the mix or are considering dating, we would suggest holding off. If you however are insistent about dating someone else while still living with your spouse, discretion is a must.

  2. Create Stipulations for Interactions

    If you are still living in the same home as your spouse but you are not currently together it is important to set some guidelines as far as how your interactions are going to occur. This includes how you are going to pay bills, how grocery shopping will be done, who will complete chores around the house, etc.

  3. See a Counselor or Therapist

    Having a neutral third party to discuss your issues with can be extremely beneficial. Whether you are planning on staying together or getting divorced, you can handle it in a mature way by simply talking about your feelings, wants and needs in a safe space like a therapist’s office.

If you have questions about legally separating or divorcing your partner feel free to contact to Loomis & Greene Law Offices. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and to walk  you through this difficult time.