dreamstime_xxl_22743837It is very frequent that spouses who have decided to get a divorce will second and third guess their decision throughout the process of separation. After all, this is a life changing decision and often once lawyers have been met with and papers have been filed, one or both members of the couple find that perhaps their issues weren’t as “irreconcilable” as they originally thought. If you have filed for divorce but you are having second thoughts, here are a few options you should take into consideration:

  1. Reconcile

    This option obviously depends on whether or not you and your partner have the desire to put aside your differences and try it again. When this happens however, you simply must dismiss your divorce petition. It is important to note that once you dismiss your divorce case your proceeding will be over and you will not be given back any money that you may have paid in fees while you were pursuing your divorce.

  2. Consider A Legal Separation

    If you or your spouse are unsure of what you want to do in regards to your marriage and yet you are not ready to get a divorce, a legal separation may be the best bet for you. If you change your mind after some time has passed you can always continue your divorce process and end your marriage.

  3. Suspending Your Divorce Proceedings

    This is basically exactly what it sounds like. You and your spouse decide to postpone the divorce proceedings until an unspecified time in the future. With the help of your lawyers you can come to an agreement so that you both have some more time to come to a decision.