Sometimes a divorce isn’t a knock-down-drag-out sort of situation. In fact, many times couples come to the realization that they may be happier without their partner and the marriage begins to dissolve.  In cases such as these the fastest and most affordable route to take is a Do-It-Yourself divorce. But how do you know if a DIY divorce is for you?

First of all, do not think that just because your spouse and you are amicable, that the entire process of getting a divorce is going to be easy. Often times people find that without a professional neutral party present the entire ordeal can be a disaster. Some of the obstacles that amicable couples run into while divorcing deal with the following: child support, alimony, believing that filing for a divorce is simpler than it is and failing to to understand what future living expenses after separation or divorce. Couples also assume that their partner will want to split everything 50/50, which most of the time is not the case.

So what are we saying? You need help. Yes, it is true that the entire point of DIY is doing something on your own but this is something you are going to need help with. The Law Offices of Loomis & Greene wants to help you through this difficult time. As experts in family law we can guarantee with our help you will be far less anxious and fully satisfied with the outcome of your DIY divorce.