Finding out your spouse is cheating on you is easier than ever in this day and age thanks to the internet and social media. While the ease at which we are able to communicate with one another may seem helpful and harmless, the truth is, the internet may be playing a huge role in divorce. If you are married, you need to dreamstime_xxl_34296777keep in mind that anything you post or do on social media or anywhere on the internet for that matter, can be used against you in court.

There is real known answer for why the increased use of the internet has led to more and more divorces but there are a few theories. Some people believe that couples being distracted by technology and focusing on it instead of their partner can lead to resentment. Just ask anyone who has a spouse who cannot seem to put their smartphone down for two minutes. Other people hypothesize that social media sites like Facebook make it easier for a suspicious spouse to gain access to their partner’s private conversations which often lead to them uncovering infidelity.

So what is the best way to avoid either of these scenarios occurring in your marriage? Talk to your partner. On the other hand, if you have recently uncovered truths about your spouse or marriage due to social media and are considering getting a divorce, contact the Law Office of Loomis & Greene. We can help you use the information you uncovered to separate from your spouse.