There is no doubt about it, a successful marriage is a difficult task. And there is a list of things that make marriage even harder. Experts in the field of relationships call these things divorce risk factors. Just as smoking and lack of exercise are risk factors for a heart attack, there are habits and traits that don’t necessarily cause divorce, rather they raise the odds of a divorce.

Many of these divorce factors are things you have absolutely no control over. However, if you want a strong marriage, you need to work on the factors you can control. The Law Offices of Loomis and Greene, Your lawyer in Loveland, offers common reasons for our high divorce rate.

You are Especially Attractive

This might explain why celebrities have such a hard time staying married. Research shows that attractive people have a hard time sticking with one partner. Indeed, physical attractiveness is linked to a higher divorce rate. In a series of studies, research has determined that if you are hot, you are more likely to split up. If you are hot and so is your spouse, the chances of a successful marriage go way down.

No Religion

Women who grew up on households with religious beliefs are more likely to stay with their spouse than women without a religious upbringing. Protestant and Catholic women have just over 50 percent chance of a successful marriage, women raised in households with other religions have a 65 percent chance of a successful marriage. Women raised with no religion have only a 43 percent chance of a successful marriage.

Early Pregnancy

The speed in which you get pregnant also factors into your chances of a divorce. Couples who have a baby early in their marriage are more likely to divorce than couples who wait to have a baby.

Strangely enough, statisticians have noticed an increased divorce rate in couples whose firstborn was a daughter.

No College

Couples who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree have a better shot at a successful marriage compared to those who don’t have a college degree.

You Have Suffered a Divorce Before

Not that second and third marriages are doomed, but the odds of a successful marriage are lower. If you have been married before, it is more difficult to maintain a healthy marriage the second or third time through.


Divorce rates vary substantially based on where you live. Couples in Nevada suffer a much higher divorce rate than couples in New Jersey.

Employment Status

A more recent study shows that men who don’t have a full-time job are more likely to divorce than men who are fully employed.

Married at a Young Age

Your parents will be the first to tell you that you need to wait until you are older to get married. If you are tying the knot in your late teens and early 20s, you will have in increased divorce risk. By waiting until your late 20s or early 30s, your marriage stands a much better chance of succeeding.

Regardless of the reason for your pending divorce, you want a lawyer on your side. Call The Law Offices of Loomis and Greene today.