Getting married is easy, a piece of cake actually. It’s staying married that is the difficult part. And it can be difficult just to even see a marriage counselor when things are starting to look bleak.

There are also commonly held beliefs that just going to a marriage counselor will solve all of the problems in your marriage. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Saving a marriage may very well take more than just a few trips to see a counselor.

Granted, marriage counseling should be a part of your therapy if you want to save your marriage, but you will need to be doing more. The Law Offices of Loomis and Greene, your lawyer in Loveland, offers tips that could save your marriage.

Put the Relationship Ahead of Everything

It is unfortunate, but we have a way of swapping out our priorities and over the years, your marriage has dropped on the list of priorities. You need to ensure that your relationship is a top priority in your lives.

Don’t Take Each Other For Granted

Instead of grunting when she brings you a cup of coffee or expecting him to help you with the groceries, you can offer “pleases” and “thank you’s.” Tell each other how much you appreciate all of the things they do, no matter how small it is. Pay attention to the things each other do and act like somebody who values a great relationship.

Change Negative Patterns

If you come home from work every day angry and bitter, that will rub off on your spouse. Then you are both irritable and difficult to deal with. It is not your spouse’s fault you had a bad day at work. Try coming home in a better mood, complete with a big smile and a hug for your spouse and see where that gets you. We are betting that you will get along much better and feel good about yourself and your marriage.

Go on Adventures

Take the time to go on little adventures together on a regular basis. Date nights are a good thing as well, but make them exciting. Find a babysitter and take off to a different city for a night or two. The time together in an unfamiliar place will do you both well and bring you closer together. It is also a great way to bond.

Go On Weekly Dates

Dinner and a movie give you and your spouse time to concentrate just in each other. You will need some rules, like no talking about work or the children.

Remember You are a Team

You don’t have unlimited freedom when you get married, you must work with your spouse on many things. You can’t just do what you want to do without your teammate’s input. This builds relationships, making all of the decisions on your own tears the relationship down.

Compliment Each Other

Start each day by saying things that will make your spouse feel valued and loved. You need to constantly remind yourself to compliment your spouse.

But if none of this works, at least you tried. Give the Law Offices of Loomis and Greene a call.