There are three million single dads in the United States and that number will only continue to grow. Still, single dads are a lot less common than single moms. And no matter how well single dads are at their parenting jobs, things can still get a little rough.

Nothing can prepare you for being a single dad, but getting advice from others and reading tips can certainly help. The ending of your relationship and divorce from the other parent will change your world in ways you cannot imagine. The first thing you must realize when you become a single dad is that it will present plenty of challenges.

The Law Offices of Loomis and Greene, your Loveland lawyers, offers you these tips for single dads raising kids.

Both Parents Have Roles to Play

No matter how much you might dislike or even despise your ex, she is the mother of your child and will be playing a big role in the upbringing. So it’s time to kick your feelings to the curb, suck it up and interact with her in a civil manner. And even if you get along with your ex, there will be times you both disagree on any number of decisions concerning your child.

In order to give your child the best chance to thrive, you have to recognize that both parents have a role and that isn’t going to change.


There are many bumps you are going to encounter as a single dad, many of them with your child. It isn’t all of the time that you and your child will see eye to eye.

When conflict arises, the last thing you want to do is shut down. Instead, you need to have an open line of communication with your kids at all times. When something is amiss, talk about it and work your way through it.

Let Them Make Decisions

Don’t feel as though you need to maintain your role as an authority figure all of the time. You can’t always have the last word or make all of the decisions. There will be times you butt heads with your child, remember that they need to grow up and you can’t stunt their growth.

You might think that 10 p.m. is quite late enough to be home, but your son or daughter might think this is totally unacceptable and unfair. Let them make their argument and discuss the situation. You are more likely to come to a conclusion that satisfies the both of you.

Show Your Emotions

You need to show your children that men do, indeed, have emotions. Tell your children when you are happy, sad or frustrated, they deserve to know how you are feeling. And when Fido does die, it’s quite alright to shed a tear or two in front of the kids.

You might be a little scared about what the future holds as a single father, but know that you will do just fine. If you are going through a divorce, give the Law Offices of Loomis and Greene a call.