1. Compile These Important Documents When Preparing For Your Divorce

    There is certainly plenty of emotional turmoil that comes with any marriage ending. This is especially true when you have finally come to the decision of obtaining a divorce. Once the process begins, however, it’s important to note that there are many things that can happen that will not only complicate your divorce, but that will also likely delay your settlement. If you and your soon-to-be ex …Read More

  2. How Social Media Platforms Could Ruin Your Criminal Case

    Over the last 10+ years, the ever-advancing world of technology has slowly shifted the way we communicate with one another. With many different social media platforms like Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat making people more accessible than they have ever been before. However, being able to get ahold of people you may not have otherwise been able to speak to has also given others the abil…Read More

  3. Colorado Criminal Law: Are You In Custody?

    Knowing your Miranda rights is something that can help you when you find that you are all of a sudden in a sticky situation. When you are familiar with these rights, you will be aware if and when they are violated. When you are arrested for a crime in Colorado, one of the most important parts of the process is that you are read your Miranda rights by the police and that you understand them. Facing…Read More

  4. Why Talking To The Police Is Always A Bad Idea & Calling Your Lawyer Is A Good One

    When the police ask to speak with you, chances are you probably think you should do what you can to help them out. Most people will answer any questions openly with the intention of being a source of assistance. However, keep in mind that when the police say they are out to get the truth, this means the truth that they are hoping will be able to assist the prosecution, whatever that may mean. Plai…Read More

  5. Understanding Basic Divorce Lingo

    As trusted family law attorneys in Greeley, we are often meeting with people who are going through the process of getting divorced. When we have these meetings, it is not that often that they come in with extensive knowledge regarding the legal lingo that often accompanies divorce papers and proceedings. While our legal team is very familiar with the jargon, it is sometimes hard for us to slow dow…Read More

  6. Do You Need A Loveland Attorney For Your Family Law Case?

    When it comes to the Colorado Judicial Branch’s 2016 Annual Statistical Report, there were exactly 34,966 court filings in the family law court in 2016. When you talk to people who are working in the courts, they will likely tell you that the majority of those cases involved people who did not have an attorney. While you absolutely have the right to represent yourself in court, the real question…Read More

  7. Balancing Your Career and Your Divorce

    When you and your spouse decide that it is best for all involved to dissolve the marriage, this is no small upheaval in your life. Things are about to change, and they are about to change a lot. This can often mean you have a lot to comes to terms with, while you also strive to keep living your daily life as normally as possible. As divorce attorneys in Fort Collins, we know how hard this can be. …Read More

  8. Can You File Bankruptcy While In Jail

    Can You File Bankruptcy While In Jail?

    Every so often we will have the experience of having to help a client who is currently incarcerated. This made us think we might need to address this sort of situation for those who are curious about what happens when you need to file for bankruptcy while you or your spouse are currently in jail or prison. While there is a myriad of different circumstances that could cause a person to need to file…Read More

  9. Can You Keep Operating Your Business If You File Bankruptcy

    Can You Keep Operating Your Business If You File Bankruptcy?

    If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you probably have found that you have far more questions that you originally anticipated that you would. For instance, every question that you have, there likely comes a handful more once the initial question has been asked or answered. Things only become more confusing when you have placed your money into other ventures, like owning your own busine…Read More

  10. You May Not Want A Divorce Attorney…But You Need One

    It doesn’t matter what events occurred that led to your divorce, it’s likely that negotiating a settlement isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Even the most amicable divorce is a large matter that comes with huge consequences. If you are interested in completing the process as fast as possible, there are many different factors that can get in your way. Some people choose to skip litigation…Read More