1. Handling Your Bankruptcy Hearing

    If you are preparing to attend your bankruptcy court hearing you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Chances are your lawyer may have given you some idea of what will occur in the courtroom during your hearing but you are still unsure of what you will be doing in particular. Below we have compiled a list of a few tips you should take on the day of your hearing to guarantee the best possible results.…Read More

  2. Let’s Talk Bankruptcy Fears

    Fear and anxiety are some of the main forces that prevent people from wanting to file for bankruptcy. This post is going to examine just exactly what fears you may be experiencing and how the process of bankruptcy may not be as bad as you are making it seem in your head. So let’s tackle those fears head-on: You fear losing control over your financial affairs… When you file for bankruptcy, owne…Read More

  3. So You’re Living Together While Legally Separated?

    Couples often decide that they would like to try out a legal separation before they commit to getting a divorce. When this happens, it is not guaranteed that both people in the couple will be able to remain financially stable having to support themselves. This is especially true when it comes to living arrangements. Often it is impossible for one of the parties to move out of the home and so what …Read More

  4. Learn What All Those Divorce Acronyms Mean

    Everyone knows that the entire process of getting a divorce is a long and complicated. On top of the emotional turmoil you are dealing with, you must also navigate the legal system and all the unfamiliar jargon that is being thrown at you by lawyers. If you are currently planning on or going through a divorce, there are a few acronyms you should know. Below you can find just a few acronyms that ma…Read More

  5. You Filed For Divorce – Is It Too Late To Change Your Mind?

    It is very frequent that spouses who have decided to get a divorce will second and third guess their decision throughout the process of separation. After all, this is a life changing decision and often once lawyers have been met with and papers have been filed, one or both members of the couple find that perhaps their issues weren’t as “irreconcilable” as they originally thought. If you have…Read More

  6. Bankruptcy and Your Family

    We know that filing for bankruptcy was not easy for you or your family. Now that you have resolved your financial issues, however, you and family should talking openly about budgeting and how you are going to avoid financial troubles in the future. Below are just a few ways to ensure this remains the case: Talk About It A lot of the time, finances are a sensitive topic. However, in order to remain…Read More

  7. When Bankruptcy & Divorce Come At The Same Time

    Filing for a divorce is not an easy process. Neither is filing for bankruptcy. So what happens when you are dealing with both of these situations simultaneously? Although, it seems unlikely you would be going through a divorce and bankruptcy at the same time, it does happen. If you are currently in this situation you may be wondering what steps you should take in order to spend the least amount of…Read More

  8. Life After Bankruptcy

    Once you have received your bankruptcy discharge you will no doubt be more than relieved. However, what’s next? Now that this huge financial burden has been lifted from your shoulders, how should you go about spending money responsibly in the future? In order to rebuild your credit and ensure your financial stability in the future you may want to consider the following tips: Check Your Credit Re…Read More

  9. Divorce Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

    So you tried. You decided to jump in head first and get married and after a period of time it became obvious that this may not have been the best decision for you personally. So now, after a long and grueling process, your divorce is complete. Often, people whose marriages end feel ashamed, as if they have failed themselves, their partner and everyone else who was even witness to or in support of …Read More

  10. Coping With Divorce Outside Of the Lawyer’s Office – Part 2

    Discover Your Interests Again Separating yourself from someone who has essentially been your “other half” for years can be quite the awakening. Suddenly you have a ton of time to take for yourself without having to consider someone else. Perhaps you have been considering taking up certain hobbies for years but you simply did not have time. Well, you have time now so pick up something new and f…Read More