So, you need to file for bankruptcy and as much as you don’t understand exactly how the filing process works, you are also hesitant to hire a bankruptcy attorney because money is tight to say the least. However, what you will gain out of hiring help in filing your bankruptcy is much more than you will spend.

First of all, having a lawyer can protect you from those creditors that you can seem to get off your back. Once you have obtained an attorney you can inform every creditor that calls you that you are washing your hands of them and if they would like to discuss your financial matters then they should contact your counsel. Right off the bat, the amount of anxiety you will be relieved of should be enough to convince you. Still there are many more reasons to hire a bankruptcy lawyer.

Secondly, we KNOW the process of filing like we know the back of our hand. To someone foreign to legal language and bankruptcy in general the process can be a nightmare. And even if you happen to get all the paperwork filled out and turned in, the chances that it is all done correctly is slim to none.

The lawyers at Loomis and Greene Law Offices are capable of helping you through this lengthy and stressful process. We have years of experience that is sure to benefit you in the long run. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, call our law office and get a free initial consultation. It would be our pleasure to help!